Weekend and Week #2


This past weekend was filled with beautiful weather and live music.  On Friday night, I went to Three Rivers Casino and saw the Michael Jackson Tribute Band, which was fantastic (even though I am not a huge MJ) fan.  After sleeping in for the first time in a month (much needed), I headed to Burgettstown, PA and saw The Dave Matthews Band with a fellow Finance Summer Associate.  They get better every time.

On Monday, I was assigned a variance analysis project as we continue to budget for FY16.  I am currently in charge of analyzing the actual vs. budget for May FY15 YTD and May FY15, for each VP and their respective roll-ups.  Pretty neat stuff.  I have also had the opportunity to review and edit our financial statements for FY15 Q4 and FY15 as a whole, as we approach year end.

The highlight of my week had to be my “Kick-Off Presentation.”  Each Finance Summer Associate was given four minutes to deliver an “about me” presentation and state a few of their goals for this summer.  The event was held in the Executive Boardroom on the 62nd Floor of the U.S. Steel Tower.  We presented to the CFO, Rob DeMichiei, as well as numerous VP’s, directors, and managers.  It was an unforgettable experience and an absolutely incredible boardroom.




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